Welcome to AI Manufacturing Solutions

Where you can find a wide range of custom solutions:


Deep learning systems and workstations are outfitted with the latest technology. Each system can be pre-configured with latest deep learning software or delivered with a core OS for our customers to customize.

All systems are fully turnkey, pass industry leading performance testing, and are manufactured to exceed expectations straight out of the box. Each system comes with an industry leading warranty that can be customized to match customer needs.

Learn how we can turn a fleet of standard industrial machines into smart machines via modular stack light add-ons. This allows for engineering and management to extract metrics such as:

  • Uptime per machine
  • Part run time
  • Operator / shift / machine efficiency


All systems can funnel into a custom onsite, centralized, database or stored remotely on any cloud service of your choice. We provide solutions to economically store data in both scenarios including:

  • Database optimized PC hardware
  • Distributive computing customized to clients’ needs
  • Off-the-shelf systems to go from Industry 2.0/3.0 to connected platforms of Industry 4.0

To top it off, AI Manufacturing Solutions can even provide data presentation solutions to extract key metrics from centralized data sources and present on dashboard summaries. We offer both ready-to-configure solutions and custom solutions for our clients’ needs.